March 9th, 2011

Faves on Etsy: Here is some eye candy for you; a few things off of my favorites  list on Etsy. New and  established artisans are featured here. What is the criteria?  Heck, its my blog and I like what I like! Also, I figure that I am writing to myself mostly, so I am going to have fun, dammit! 


Those pictures I told you I would take will be coming soon- the snowfall messed me up! I have a light box and can take pics inside, but I love using natural light and the awesome, distressed table I have. My adorable late father-in-law made me a potting bench years ago; I started using it for photos this summer.

The wood is a bit warped and is a nice, weathered gray. I need to sand it, but it is a bit too moist right now. Silly me should cover it with a tarp so I can use it all the time. The last picture is an item  on my wonderful table- see the awesome texture of the wood?